Map Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean


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Module 1: Framing the Mediterranean in Space and Time


Lessons in this module provide geographic background on the Mediterranean, including its geological origins, its climate and ecology. A lesson on…

Module 2: The Mediterranean and Beyond in Antiquity


Lessons in this module highlight numerous important developments that diffused into or from regions adjacent to the Mediterranean: horse riding and…

Module 3: Becoming Global and Staying Local: The Mediterranean from 300-1500 CE


The lessons in this module introduce students to the writings of several key historical figures from the time period and provide alternatives to…

Module 4: Mediterranean Transformations in a Changing Global Context, 1450-1800


This period in history sees the expansion of European states into the Indian Ocean and across the Atlantic to the New World, and these enormous…

Module 5: Reform and Social Change in the Mediterranean, 1798-1914


During the Long Nineteenth Century, new technologies brought Mediterranean peoples closer together across time and space, while the entire region…

Module 6: The Modern Mediterranean, 1945-Present


This set of lessons on the modern Mediterranean addresses the complex history of the region in the 20th century through a variety of lenses, from the…